Content Marketing Course

Content Marketing Course

The benefits of content marketing are vast, but the real question is how to go about it. In this course, we will explore the most effective ways to create content that drives leads and revenue for your business.

Content Marketing Course Outline

I)- What is Content Marketing

II)- Evolution and History of Content Marketing

III)- Traditional Vs. Digital Content Marketing

IV)- Content Creation

A)- Valuable Content Creation

B)- Relevant Content Creation

C)- Engaging Content Creation

D)- Updated Content Creation

E)- Mobile-Friendly Content Creation

V)- Content Creation by Artificial Intelligence

VI)- Content Marketing opportunities

A)- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

B)- Social Media Marketing

C)- Email Marketing  

D)- Influencer Marketing

VII)- The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

VIII)- Types of Content and Marketing Channels

A)- Written Content Marketing Strategy

B)- Audio Content Marketing Strategy

C)- Visual Content Marketing Strategy

D)- Video Content Marketing Strategy

IX)- Fundamental Targets of Content Marketing

A)- Website’s Engagement Metrics

B)- Business Conversion Metric

C)- Brand Awareness

D)- Audience Growth

E)- Customer Retention

F)- Thought Leadership

G)- Lead Generation

H)- Search Engine Optimization

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