Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are legal document that is publicly available on the website. In addition, the contract between the website and the user outlines how they will use the collected data.

A privacy policy should give you an idea of what kind of information you will give up when you use a site or service and what kind of information you can expect to receive back from them.

This document should also explain how your data will be used for marketing purposes if given to third parties and what rights you have over your data.

Our top ten privacy policy rules are as below:

1)- We don’t share your contact details with any third party.

2)- We may contact you in case of any query or concern if you have placed an order for digital service.

3)- We only contact you if you are interested in our services; if you fill out the details for downloading an E-Book, we don’t disturb you.

4)- We don’t send you promotional messages or emails as it will ruin your experience.

5)- Your contact details will stay with us for the next six months unless we only close the deal for our records.

6)- Whenever our link refers you to Fiver or any third-party platform, they may have separate terms and conditions or privacy policies.

7)- We don’t offer digital marketing services to 18+ websites, blogs, or sites with explicit materials.

Feel free to contact us at the below details in case of any queries or concerns.

WhatsApp Only: +92 347-0908746