Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are a set of written rules that govern the use of a website. The Terms and Conditions will typically include disclaimers, limitations, and other legal details.

The Terms and Conditions are there to protect both the company’s interests as well as those of its visitors. They also warn that it is only sometimes in your best interest to browse certain websites without reading their Terms and Conditions first.

Therefore, it is highly requested to go through this blog’s terms and conditions before sharing your contact details or applying for online courses.

Purpose of Explain by AfzalRaaj.com

Though the website’s primary purpose is to share information, keeping its authenticity and accuracy intact and providing a platform where I can exchange my viewpoints on different matters, primarily digital marketing, online business, soft skills, and other general topics.

However, we also offer SEO, Blogging, Copyrighting, and Content Creation services. They are secondary. 

It is mandatory to contact us via Email before purchasing a service or hiring an expert, as we want to go through and evaluate the project before finalizing the payment.

Third-Party Services

You may find third-party services like online ads and affiliate marketing on this website.

1)- Online Advertisement

We are working with the world’s top advertising agencies and displaying various ads on our blogs. However, we may only allow for some types of ads, such as pop-ups or auto-playing videos with sound.

To avoid these limitations, advertisers must make sure that they comply with the rules set by the website owners and abide by them strictly to avoid being banned from the website altogether.

If you want to show your ads on our specific page or blog, contact us on a priority basis, as we have a first comes, first served policy regarding running ads on our website.

As a customer, if you are clicking an ad, it may route you to another website, and we are not responsible for their policies, quality of service, or nature of business. It is your sole discretion to avail of their services or not.

We have the same policy for affiliate marketing programs too.

 2)- Sponsored Links

We also offer sponsored editorial links to emerging blogs and websites. This is done by displaying a disclosure icon in the sponsored links section of the search engine results page.

The disclosure icon is designed to convey that this link has been paid for and might only be relevant to some users. However, it also tells them that this link could be biased because it is being paid for. 

Digital Marketing Services

 We offer paid digital marketing services including but not limited to:

1)- SEO Services

2)- WordPress

3)- Copyrighting

4)- Blogging

5)- Content Creation

6)- Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Free Training

Our training course and material are completely free and with zero cost. We don’t charge to any beginner or advanced nature, of course.

We offer free digital business training websites, including courses and training for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

The following are the Terms of Service (TOS) for any free digital business training website:

– The user agrees not to use the service for any illegal purposes.

– The user agrees not to violate the copyright laws of any country.

– The user agrees not to upload, post or transmit any material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.

– The user agrees not to use the service in a way that could harm minors.

General Informative Blogs

A general informative blog is solely created for sharing authentic information, and we have tried to cite their sources if applicable.

Feel free to contact us at the below details in case of any queries or concerns.

WhatsApp Only: +92 347-0908746

Emails: afzalraaj2020@gmail.com